For over 25 years, Powell Recovery has provided the men and women of Baltimore comprehensive and compassionate substance abuse treatment.  In most instances, clients can be engaged in treatment within 24 hours of their first contact with Powell Recovery.  Every client seeking recovery from substance abuse is assessed by medical and clinical professional and admitted to the appropriate level of care which includes:

  • Withdrawal Management (Ambulatory)

    • For Alcohol, Benzodiazepine, and Opioid Dependence

  • Residential Services

    • Foundations (ASAM 3.3 or 3.5)

    • Supportive housing with Outpatient Services (ASAM 3.1)

  • Outpatient Services

    • Partial Hospitalization(ASAM 2.5)

    • Intensive Outpatient Programming (ASAM 2.1)

    • Traditional Outpatient Programming - some available  in evenings (ASAM 1.0)

    • The Bridge (ASAM 1.0 + subsidized supportive housing)

In addition to the above services, we offer dual recovery services for clients with additional behavioral health needs.  Please see our Mental Health Services page for more details.