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Foundations Program (ASAM 3.3 or  3.5)

Recovery is hard work and building a solid foundation is critical.  However, many of our clients come to Powell with no or sub-standard lodging, with little or no access to nutritional food, and no treatment of chronic or serious health issues. 

Our Foundations Program is designed to address these issues through the provision of safe, supervised housing including 3 meals daily,  and rapid engagement in case management services to ensure clients have access to community resources so they can begin addressing other critical issues. 

Our foundations program lasts from 30 to 60 days and includes:

  • Safe, structured, and supervised housing:

  • Food provided for 3 meals daily

  • Transportation available for medical or other urgent off-site appointments

  • Daily group sessions  -- Certified or licensed counselors facilitate each session

  • Individual case management available

  • Focus on developing interpersonal and self-management skills to prepare clients to live in a less structure and more interactive community

  • Suboxone Medication Management

  • Mental health group sessions incorporated into regular programming

  • Rapid assessment and engagement with PRC’s Psychiatric Services as necessary

  • Duration:  30-60 days

Supportive Housing with Outpatient Treatment (ASAM 3.1)


Even after stabilizing many health and behavior issues in the Foundations program, most clients still need a structured and supportive environment to sustain their recovery. Powell Recovery offers our Supportive Housing with Outpatient Treatment. Clients are provided safe and secure housing with access to food. Case management is available from peer specialist to ensure clients understand and take advantage of community resources to meet their needs. 

Our Supportive Housing with Outpatient Treatment lasts from 3 to 5 months and includes:

  • Safe, supervised housing with scheduled house activities and tasks

  • Access to food and kitchen

  • Regularly scheduled therapeutic sessions to support on-going recovery

  • Regular attendance at PRC’s Outpatient Treatment groups (See Outpatient Services for more details)

  • Individual sessions with counselors

  • Individual case management sessions

  • Suboxone Medication Management

  • Access to PRC Mental Health Services

  • Duration:  3 – 5 months

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